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jeudi 18 août 2011

1/2 out of 4, Reel Film Reviews, sept. 2006

Sur la trace d'Igor Rizzi stars Laurent Lucas as Jean-Marc Thomas, a disgraced pro-soccer player who has turned to criminal endeavors as a means of supporting himself. Though he's become adept at breaking into homes and robbing donut shops, Jean-Marc receives an opportunity for a much more lucrative payday after a local thug offers him a job as a hitman. Writer/director Noël Mitrani spends an inordinate amount of time following Jean-Marc as he wanders aimlessly from one wintry location to the next, and accompanies such sequences with meaningless narration from the character in which he laments the loss of his beloved. But because Mitrani never gives the viewer a single reason to care about Jean-Marc's plight, the majority of Sur la trace d'Igor Rizzi remains thoroughly interminable and flat-out dull. That Lucas - ordinarily a personable and charismatic presence - delivers an inaccessible, completely closed-off performance certainly doesn't help matters, nor does Mitrani's choice to infuse the movie with a distinctly low-rent visual style that's unusually unpleasant.

By David Nusair

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